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Hand tossed, freshly baked and full of rich ingredients, Smokey Dough is set to take your Italian food experience a notch higher!

A pure Vegetarian Woodfired Pizzeria and bistro nestled in the heart of Chembur is a one stop shop for all your Italian cravings. Our menu includes Classic Pizzas like Margherita, Peri Peri Cottage Cheese, Barbeque and flavour rich pizzas from Pizzas around the world - inspired by cuisines from Greece, America, Mediterranean and of course Italy!

The menu is not limited to pizzas alone, you can also try a range of appetizers - The Cheesy Pesto Arrancini Balls and Jalapenos Croquette Poppers are a must try. If you are a fan of Pastas and Risotto, we have you covered there as well, try the classic Arrabbiata, Pesto and Wild Mushroom Risotto. If you are health conscious, our fresh, cold yet delicious Salads are best bet. Cool down with a drink from our beverage menu. In a mood for a coffee? we have you sorted!

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Our Story

“If there’s anything that always brings happiness to your face – its food! When you’re alone or in a gathering with family or friends, food is a natural binding factor. This was the sole reason to begin Smokey Dough. Even during the adverse times of the pandemic whenever we had any meal, the entire family got together and discussed how their day went. When we ordered food from outside, the anticipation of the meal and then finally getting hands on our favourite dish was just amazing.

Smokey Dough is a passion project with a view to spread love via food. Our first outlet was started in May 2022 in Chembur where we serve vegetarian woodfired pizzas – exceptional quality dishes at QSR pricing so that everyone gets a taste of gourmet pizzas and Italian dishes at pocket friendly prices. We wish to expand and spread the Smokey dough experience in all corners of Mumbai. We hope to see you soon.”

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